In common with the other Confraternities throughout the world, the Irish Confraternity of the Catholic Clergy is characterized by the three words fidelity, fraternity and formation:

Fidelity.  The members of the Confraternity wish to be completely faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, authoritatively set forth by the Holy Father and the Bishops in communion with him.

Fraternity.  The members of the Confraternity seek to support one another as brothers  in the living out of their vocation within the Church.

Formation.  The Confraternity organizes regular meetings and conferences to assist its members in their ongoing formation in a variety of areas, doctrinal, spiritual, pastoral and human.

Clergy who are interested in applying for membership of the Confraternity should read through the Confraternity’s Statutes, available at the link below.  An application form for membership is also available there.


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